Aubrey Hooley, LPC, MSM

Aubrey is a licensed counselor in Idaho, Missouri, and Minnesota. She obtained her Masters in Counseling with an emphasis on couples and family work at University of Missouri in Kansas City, Missouri. She enjoys working with individuals, couples, adults, adolescents and groups. Aubrey has worked with clients in the following areas: phase-of-life or transitions, family therapy, anxiety/depression, food disorders, relationships, and self-esteem.

Therapeutic Approach

Aubrey wants to meet her clients wherever they’re at in their lives. Using an interpersonal style of therapy she works with clients challenging any avoidant or fear-based behavior patterns with a mindful and strengths-based perspective. Aubrey believes it’s important to establish trust with her clients in order to facilitate and enhance communication. She’s also uses humor when it’s warranted, to enlighten and alleviate the therapeutic process. Aubrey has a very eclectic practice applying Cognitive Behavioral techniques, psychodynamic approaches, interpersonal therapy, narrative therapy, and solution-focused family systems therapy depending on the client and situations.

Aubrey sees fear as a major factor inhibiting client growth. Her goal is to help clients overcome fears in a way that is attainable for them. This may include kind and generous self-reflection, or some action-oriented therapy, or both.

Specialties/Advanced Trainings

Aubrey has training in family system work including: couples’ seminars related to infidelity issues facilitated by Ester Perel; emotional-focused treatment lead by Sue Johnson; and the Gottman’s methods. Aubrey’s trauma training includes: EMDR, TF-CBT, and Nonsequential modeling using Bruce Perry’s model of neuroscience.

Aubrey has led many groups dealing with depression and anxiety, food disorders, grief and family therapy. She’s also had four years working with adolescents with challenging behaviors, and their families.

Aubrey has a unique education history with not only a degree in counseling but also a business degree (MSM—Master’s in Science of Business Management). She has worked in business settings both mental health and other professional offices. Because of her business background, she also brings to her practice special knowledge and skills related to working professionals: stress, entrepreneurial dilemmas, work relationships, career transitions and the interface between work and home. Aubrey follows therapeutic models that combine mental health work and life coaching techniques.

Finally, Aubrey has worked in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Kansas City before coming to Boise. In those cities she had the opportunity to use her skills in a variety of trauma and crisis settings: psychiatric hospitals, prison systems, court systems, university systems, and agencies focused on mental health. She has broad experience with the human condition, and is comfortable and familiar with differing economic, generational, and multi-cultural contexts.

Aubrey has served on various community board of directors who oversaw work related to trauma and resilience, multi-cultural integration and the justice system, and consultation groups for family therapy. She has also mentored new counselors and clinicians.


Aubrey feels privileged to be invited into people’s lives and is very passionate about therapy. Good therapy can feel like magic: to see shifts and changes in people’s lives. Aubrey not only advocates self-care for her clients, but tries to practice what she preaches. She enjoys hiking and backpacking, traveling to other cultures, and spending time with friends and family. She strives to challenge her own fears in order to be open to the many possibilities and opportunities of life.