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    Consultation and Clinical Supervision

    What’s the difference?

    Clinical Supervision is a contractual relationship between the Clinical Supervisor and the Supervisee. The Clinical Supervisor has legal liability for all the actions of the Supervisee and there is necessarily an evaluative component to the relationship. This liability requires that the Clinical Supervisor have full access to and review the work of the Supervisee with clients including records and observation. The Supervisee is required to comply with any directives of the Clinical Supervisor. State licensure requires a specified ratio of supervised hours to client contact hours. The purpose of Clinical Supervision is to both support the professional development of the Supervisee and to protect the public from incompetence.

    Clinical Consultation is not an evaluative relationship and is generally seen as a peer or collegial relationship. The Clinical Consultant is not responsible or liable for the work of those for whom they consult. The amount of information about a client that is shared is limited and the consultee is not obligated to implement suggestions.  The ACA Ethical Code and best practices for risk management dictate that Clinical Consultation occur on a regular basis rather than a prescribed number of hours per client contacts. Generally, Clinical Consultation is collaborative problem-solving process and is often focused on a specific issue or concern.

    Need Supervision?

    We have two Registered Counselor Supervisors who work with clinicians seeking licensure in Idaho. They maintains necessary documentation and records that are required by the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses. Our clinicians provide supportive, constructive, and challenging guidance for developing clinicians. They not only focus on clinical development, skills, and ethics but on practice management skills.  Their work in multiple kinds of practice settings (community agency, not-for-profit, government, and private) informs their supervision and offers supervisees a well rounded perspective.

    Want Consultation?

    Our clinicians are available to consult on an as needed or ongoing basis. Consultation can help you clarify what is going on with you or your clients when you are feeling a bit stuck and unsure of the next steps. They are available to consult on general counseling needs and a variety of specific topics including Adult Giftedness, Parenting Gifted Children, LGBTQ+ issues, Geriatric Mental Health, and Dual Diagnosis as well as practice management and development.